Loewe Orchestra 3D home theatre system launched at IFA 2012

Cutting edge AV comes to a home near you

TV maker Loewe demoed a series of AV advancements at IFA, including a stunning transparent concept TV and a 3D home theatre system

Called the Loewe Orchestra 3D, the system features 360 degree sound reproduction with no traditional 'sweetspot', so surround sound is consistent all around the room.

This is achieved with new satellite speakers that direct sound both downwards, upwards and onto a cone that provides the wraparound effect.

The benefit is that speaker positioning becomes less critical to the performance of the system, so users have the flexibility to place the wireless speakers where convenient in their room.

Configuration options include 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1, while a calibration microphone is supplied with each Loewe Orchestra 3D package that enables users to profile their desired room automatically to ensure optimum audio quality.

Loewe Orchestra 3D will be available to Loewe Reference TV owners within months according to the company, and will soon be available as a standalone home cinema setup at a 'real world' price bracket. Full specifications and precise UK launch date are yet to be confirmed.

Mark Mayne

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