Loewe goes big with its 75 and 85-inch Reference 4K UHD TVs

The luxury German TV brand has produced a set of Ultra HD televisions with the price tag of a family saloon.

German luxury TV brand, Loewe, has taken the wraps off the latest models in its flagship Reference line.

And they're pretty damn big wraps too, because these latest 4K Ultra HD behemoths are a huge 75 and 85-inchers a piece. If you want some cinema-scale imagery at home without a daylight-bedevilled projector, then such a monstrous TV might just be for you.

And at that size it will really make the most of the extra pixels of the Ultra HD resolution.

Built with a solid aluminium surround framing the high-contrast glass filter panel that UHD image ought to be pretty tasty. To nail that luxury aesthetic Loewe is providing the Reference 75 and 85 TVs with Aluminium Black, Silver, High-Gloss White and Dark Gold.

That last is apparently 'hand-applied', and given that it runs to an extra £2,000 option you'd hope it was applied with some serious care and attention. And makes you a better person by association. Or something.

But Loewe hasn't just thought about the looks. With a built-in soundbar, packing eight discrete speakers and 120W of amplification, you'll get powerful stereo sound without extra speakers.

The new Reference TVs are pretty well-connected too, offering HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 providing support for the upcoming Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as the raft of new 4K Ultra HD set-top boxes, like the Nvidia SHIELD and new Amazon Fire TV.

Good-looking but dumb?

Which is a good job because the Reference TVs don't have much in the way of connected smarts.

They come rocking twin TV tuners, a decent 1TB built-in hard drive for recording and media server capabilities, but no actual OS to run Amazon Prime Instant Video or Ultra HD Netflix.

Given the 'hand-applied' finish is an extra £2,000 (and the High-Gloss White finish is a bargain £1,000 by comparison) you might have an inkling just how pricey these enorm-o-screens are.

The Loewe Reference 85 is out right now for the princely sum of £15,000in standard Aluminium Black or Silver trim, with the Reference 75 coming later this month for a knock-down £9,000 for the base model.