Limited Edition iPhone XS comes with a mechanical watch built in

And not just any old watch, this iPhone features a tourbillon

Limited Edition iPhone XS comes with a mechanical watch built in

If you think the £1,499 iPhone XS Max is a little too cheap then we have some good news for you, because Russian phone modifier Caviar has announced a limited edition iPhone XS with a tourbillon built into the case.

The exclusive smartphone is called the Caviar iPhone Tourbillon and falls under the brand's 'Grand Complication' series.

It's the ideal way to show off your love of traditional watchmaking, your vast wealth, and 'interesting' taste.

The front of the iPhone has been largely untouched, but the rear has been completely redesigned with a astronomy-inspired pattern made using black and white PVD titanium, and 24-carat gold. 

In the middle you'll find the mechanical clock and tourbillon mechanism, which features 19 stones and beats at 28,880 vph.

There are no details about who makes the tourbillon or movement.

The timepiece must be wound manually and has a power reserve of 30 hours. For this, you use the crown, just like a traditional watch.

Caviar is only making 99 iPhone XS models, and 99 iPhone XS Max models. Each will come with its own unique number engraved along the edge, and a certificate of authenticity.

Check out the Caviar iPhone Tourbillon below:

Unsure about what a tourbillon is? Translated from French, “tourbillon” means “vortex”. In watch making, it's a miniature, constantly rotating mechanism that compensates for the impact of gravity, and keeps your timepiece ticking away accurately.

Now, how about the price? A 64GB iPhone XS will cost $8,350 (around £6,300), of course, you can also choose either 256GB or 512GB  for slightly more. 

Prices for an iPhone XS Max start at $9,110 (around £6,800). 

Obviously, that's a lot of money for a smartphone, but a Swiss tourbillon usually costs upwards of £10,000.

The smartphones will make an appearance at Baselworld, in Switzerland, next week.

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