LG's new OLED TVs suddenly look like the most appealing 2024 has to offer

The LG OLED G4 and OLED C4 upgrade their predecessors with more brightness, more features, more appeal

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When it comes to the best OLED TVs, LG has long been king of the castle. Not only does LG Display produce and ship more than any other, even providing panels for most competitors, it makes some stellar televisions that have graced T3's best TVs list over the years.

As part of LG's all-new 2024 TV line-up the brand has added even more brightness, even more features, and even more appeal than ever before, with the introduction of its OLED G4, OLED C4 and OLED B4 models (there's also the impressive wireless OLED M4). 

While the sets are typically revealed during the world's largest technology show, CES, this year the schedule sees the announcement arriving early. Here's what to expect from this year's new tellies:



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The top-of-the-stack 4K OLED, LG's OLED G4 takes last year's OLED G3 and somehow squeezes even more out of it. That's thanks to a brand new processor, the α11, which offers virtual 11.1.2 channel surround sound, along with 'Voice Remastering', and an upgraded webOS system

The OLED G4 also delivers an even brighter panel than the previous generation. LG is only saying that it's up to 150% brighter than an OLED B4 (the 'entry' model in this year's line-up), but thanks to its Micro Lens Array (MLA) OLED panel with Brightness Booster Max and new Peak Highlighter feature it'll be the brightest LG OLED TV on the market. 

As ever with LG's G series, this is a wall-mount set straight out of the box, and while you can buy a stand-mount separately that's going to up your overall cost. 


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The update to the impressive LG OLED C3, the newer LG OLED C4 also squeezes a little extra brightness from its Evo OLED panel compared to its predecessor – but it's not as bright as the wall-mount G series (as it's not got the MLA panel). However, the smaller 42- and 48-inch models in the series are particularly brighter than their previous counterparts. 

The C4 brings an α9 Gen 7 processor to the table, so while it can't deliver the same feature set – multiview is limited to two sources, not four, for example – it still ticks the boxes for 4K120Hz (144Hz in Game Mode) and its ultra-slim design also features a stand-mount in the box – which will make this C series model much more suitable for most people.

Below the LG OLED C4 is the OLED B4 model, which uses an α8 processor, meaning there's no 144Hz and no voice recognition for webOS. It's also a little less bright, as it's not got the C4's OLED Evo panel type. Still, it'll be cheaper, so will make sense for many – although all pricing and availability is yet to be announced at the time of writing...

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