LG's best OLED TVs of 2024 go on sale – with new lower pricing and free soundbar

Fancy a new LG G4 OLED or C4 OLED? They're up for pre-order, cheaper than last year's models, and have a soundbar bonus!

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

It was only last month I was at LG's headquarters checking out its 2024 TV range. The company's highest-spec and best tellies for the year were on show – from LG M4 OLED down to G4 and C4 – but at that point in time there was no pricing for the UK market. 

Well, that's suddenly changed, as LG's best OLEDs for 2024 are now up for pre-order and, for this country at least, with lower pricing than the models of yesteryear. Not only is that great news, as you're getting better product for less cash, but there's also a bonus soundbar bundle incentive.

Not every single model in every size is listed at present, with LG's stock clearly most prominent across its C4 OLED range in 42-, 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch scales. From 55-inches and up that comes bundled with the USC9S soundbar, which integrates with the TV's stand design for one complete unit (that's been software-redesigned since its original release). Here's my best pick of the bunch:

LG C4 OLED 65-inch with USC9S soundbar: was £3699.98now £2645.99

LG C4 OLED 65-inch with USC9S soundbar: was £3699.98, now £2645.99

Although the promotional image doesn't show it, the USC9S soundbar effectively replaces the C4 OLED's stand, so you get this integrated design that looks and (of course) sounds great. There's over £1000 off for a day-one purchase, too, which is a staggeringly good deal. Even buying the previous  C3 OLED and soundbar right now would cost the same!

If you're looking for the next step up the scale then LG's top-of-the-line model is the G4 OLED, which is a bit brighter than the C4 and has even more processing smarts thanks to more powerful processing. Both sets feature four HDMI 2.1 sockets and support 144Hz, however, so future-proofing for gaming is no problem. 

Whereas previously the G Series model was wall-mount only, for 2024 LG has made one major change: the G4 OLED is theoretically available in 'S' and 'W' options for stand-mount and wall-mount. Those aren't showing on the LG UK website at present, however, with the G4 plus soundbar bundles still pushing the wall-mount solution. But here's my pick: 

LG G4 OLED 55-inch with G1 soundbar: was £3199.98now £2351.99

LG G4 OLED 55-inch with G1 soundbar: was £3199.98, now £2351.99

Again, the promo image doesn't show it, but the G1 soundbar is designed to sit flush up against a wall next to a wall-mounted telly, which is how the G4 OLED will look best. I've gone for the smaller 55-inch model, as the 65- and 77-inch panels, while super, will raise the asking price. However, as with the C4 OLED promotion above, the bundle is great value as a pre-order. 

As you may have noted in the pricing I've featured above, these discounts also include an additional 2% off the asking price, which you can also leverage by becoming an LG member. It's free to do, delivers a 2% discount site wide, and I'd say is well worth doing for the extra cash off. 

In addition to that, the LG member page's terms state that new memberships will receive a 5% discount voucher, valid for one purchase within 90 days of activation, which could mean the above bundles could be had with yet another 3% discount off the asking price. Well worth a shot!

You'll also note that I've highlighted the best 65-inch TVs and best 55-inch TVs as my preferential choices, as that's the main focus of where the market and sales exist. However, there are options when browsing LG's 'newest' section for picks of 42-inch, 48-inch and even larger 77-inch models as suits your needs – and, of course, budget. Happy shopping!

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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