LG TV owners just got two free updates in time for Christmas

Christmas arrives early for certain LG TV owners

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LG is ratcheting up its products' offerings as we approach the holiday season – and we're excited. Yesterday,  it announced that users of models of its 4K or 8K LG Smart TVs from 2016 to 2021 will get access to a three-month Apple TV+ trial starting November 15. Apple TV+ customers based in the United States and over 80 other countries and regions will be eligible for the offer. 

And there's more: the company has also announced that it's rolling out a new feature update, allowing all LG 2020 and 2021 4K and 8K UHD Smart TV users to be able to view movies and series on Prime Video in Filmmaker Mode automatically. 

Free Three-Month Apple TV+ Trial


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LG's press release notes that users with compatible smart TV models will find a newly-added area on their Smart TV displaying the Apple TV+ promotion in the LG Content Store, as well as a banner ad set to appear on the LG TV home menu.

You’ve got a fair bit of time to redeem the offer, as well, with LG stating that you must activate the promotion by February 20, 2022. You'll also need to be a first-time Apple TV+ subscriber. There's a huge amount of streaming competition at the moment, but Apple TV+ has increasingly found its feet amongst the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus, so it's well worth getting on board with this offer if you're eligible under LG's terms and conditions. 

Filmmaker Mode on Prime Video Content


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The second update that is itself a delectable offering for TV enthusiasts is news of LG introducing auto-switching into Filmmaker mode when viewing Prime Video content.

This nifty trick deactivates the picture processing features switched on by default in some of the best TV setups that have smarts. What Filmmaker mode aims to do is preserve the visual intent of the content creator, meaning users at home can experience the video as close to the original theatrical release as possible. For film and TV lovers alike, this can be very important as not doing so can completely alter the experience of seeing a film the way the original creator would have wanted you to see it. 

While picture processing features help smoothen motion and sharpen images to aid viewing content like, say, sports and TV shows, at times such features can detract from the overall look of films by making them look too refined and overly processed. Film buffs will relish the chance to automatically switch into Filmmaker mode.

Christmas arrives early 

LG’s two new updates show the company is increasingly tapping into users’ needs by making things...just a bit easier. The great thing about auto-switching off picture processing is that you can still enjoy watching day-to-day TV with that more processed aesthetic, but can then enjoy it turned off for viewing movies and other types of feature films.

If you don't have an LG TV then all hope is not lost. T3's rundown of the best TV setups is the ultimate list of TVs that blew us away. It's well worth a look if you would prefer to assess other bits of TV hardware before taking the plunge.

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