Jura's new coffee tech promises "the ultimate indulgence"

If you're a coffee lover with a sweet tooth, do we have a coffee maker for you

Jura J8
(Image credit: Jura)

The best bean to cup coffee machines don't just make excellent espressos. They can also make a wide range of coffees, with many models frothing up milk for creamy cappucinos and luscious lattes. But luxury coffee brand Jura has got something special for those of us who like a little sweetness with our coffee kick: Sweet Foam.

Sweet Foam is in the new Jura J8 bean-to-cup machine, which comes with a typically high-end specification for people who take their coffee very seriously indeed. The Sweet Foam function enables you to add a dash of flavoured syrup to the milk frother, mixing it evenly and adding it to your coffee for the perfect blend. It's exactly the kind of thing I love, and if I had a J8 I'd be dragging strangers off the street to get them to try it.

Jura J8: price, key features and availability

The Jura J8 is another high quality, high-tech coffee maker from the brand: you get the One Touch milk cleaning and a smart cup sensor that can work out what kind of liquid you want from the position of your cup, and there's a touchscreen control panel to make choosing your coffee simple and satisfying. There are 31 different drinks to choose from.

One of my favourite details here is that the P.A.F2+ grinder has sound design "inspired by Formula One technology", so you can get your mental motor running in the morning to a soundtrack very similar to an actual motor running. It's the kind of thing that's completely unnecessary and makes me happy: I love the thinking here, and it'd make me smile every time I heard it.

Is the syrup and F1 soundtrack essential? Of course not. But they're both fun, and that's good enough for me. Jura's machines are way beyond my budget but we've tested lots of Jura machines and the E8 is one of our favourites; I'm sure the J8's coffee is just as good.

The Jura J8 is available now with a RRP of £1,850.

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