Joker 2 isn't a musical but the trailer is pitch-perfect

An all-singing and all-dancing smash?

Joker: Folie à Deux
(Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Aside from the millions of guys who tried to make it their whole personality (and the countless Halloween costumes) Joker was an excellent film that blurred the line between comedy and tragedy. Well, the trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux has just dropped and it looks like director Todd Phillips has been inspired by another genre... musicals.

Ok so he's confirmed the movie isn't a full musical (for shame) but it will be "an essential element" of the script. With new co-star Lady Gaga playing Harley Quinn, anything could be possible. Although don't expect any costumes to match Gaga's own sartorial stunts in real life. Joaquin Phoenix of course returns as Arthur Fleck (AKA the Joker) in the role that won him an Oscar last time out. 

The story appears to follow Arthur as he is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, where he meets Harley Quinn and the two form a kind of Bonnie and Clyde relationship. Eventually becoming a musical duo, or at least it seems that way.

Harley Quinn is obviously associated by many with Margot Robbie so it will interesting to see what Gaga brings to the role. She certainly looks to have a haunted appearance to match Phoenix (who is dangerously skinny). 

I have to say some of the shots in the trailer are absolutely breathtaking, not something I could normally credit to a superhero movie. The scene of Arthur being walked through the prison where the different coloured umbrellas come up is a sensational bit of cinematography. 

There's also an appearance in the trailer for Alan Partridge himself, Steve Coogan. We don't know who exactly his character is yet, but I've certainly never seen him and Batman in the same place, have you? 

Regardless, the trailer looks like a really unique shake-up and I'm sure there are plenty more surprises to come. If you look closely at the beginning, Brendan Gleeson even seems to be playing a guard at the Asylum, but there's no word on what his role is just yet. 

All our questions will (hopefully) be answered when the film releases on October 2nd. If you are a fan of unusual superhero movies then you should head to Netflix, where one of the best is leaving the streaming service

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