Is this cheap phone going to be a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra killer?

The HTC U23 Pro is a mid-range option which could scratch the Samsung Galaxy itch for less cash

Leaked image of the new HTC U23 Pro
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If you're looking for the best phone on the market, chances are you've probably found yourself looking at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It's a behemoth, with a hugely capable Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and a 200MP camera inside.

It's certainly not the only Android phone with some pedigree, though. Handsets like the Google Pixel 7 Pro have brought flagship performance to a new low price point. Others, like the Xiaomi 13 Pro have gone toe-to-toe with Samsung, both in terms of specs and pricing.

Now, there's a new challenger – and it's a brand with a significant amount of heritage in the space. HTC released the first ever Android handset back in 2008 with the HTC Dream, and their new HTC U23 Pro could be a great alternative to pricier handsets.

According to leaked information on Reddit, the U23 Pro will utilise the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor. That's an older processor, but it's still more than capable enough for most users. The 4nm chipset packs a quality Adreno GPU, and a lot of power for stunning image capture.

That's matched in the camera department, with a four-sensor array, including a 108MP unit with optical image stabilisation. Elsewhere, rumours suggest there will be a 120Hz OLED panel, wireless charging support and a 4,500mAh battery. That battery capacity is just about acceptable in a world of 5,000mAh standards, but decent charging speed should make it perfectly usable.

We also know when the device is set to be released – and it's soon. According to tweets from HTC, the device will be unveiled later this week, on the 18th of May. There are no reports yet of which markets the device will be available in, or the price point that it will occupy.

But I'm all for it. HTC are a brand with significant history in this segment, and if they can find a return to form, they could still have something to offer. Am I convinced that this is their landmark moment? No. But if it's priced right, it could be one of the best cheap phones on the market. And that's something to shout about.

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