Is Apple Reality Pro getting the best VR game on launch day?

The developer of Beat Saber is dropping big hints about one of VR's best experiences

Beat Saber
(Image credit: Beat Games)

Some games are timeless. I think I've played Doom on every platform from ancient PCs and multiple generations of Xbox and PlayStation right through to the Xbox Series X and PS5. And I think Beat Saber is the VR equivalent, a firm favourite of all my family on all the VR headsets we've ever owned. So i'm pleased to see that it appears to be coming to the Apple Reality Pro too.

The news – well, the cryptic post – is from Beat Saber developer Jaroslav Beck, who posted on Twitter: "June 5th is going to be [popcorn emoji] [sunglasses emoji]." June the 5th is of course the first day of WWDC 2023, and the day when the Reality Pro will finally be shown to the public. 

Beat Saber on Apple Reality Pro is a guaranteed hit

I'm really intrigued by this, because while it's possible that Beat Saber will just be ported over to the Apple headset – and it'll be brilliant if it is – I don't think that has the kind of wow factor you want from a three thousand dollar helmet. And that's got me wondering what a Beat Saber that took full advantage of the impressive Reality Pro specs might be like. I have no idea what the answer is, but I'd love to find out.

I'm also amused that Beck has posted such a heavy hint, because it's a testament to how Apple has changed: in the Steve Jobs days, such tomfoolery would have incited the wrath of Jobs, a hasty removal from the keynote and quite possibly a firing squad too. 

Tim Cook's Apple isn't quite so scary, and it seems it isn't quite as good at keeping secrets either: we're hearing that No Man's Sky is coming too.

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