iPhone battery replacements are now even cheaper

You'll now pay even less to get an old battery replaced under the Apple Battery Servicing program in the UK

The internals of the iPhone 14
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While the attention of Apple fans this week will have been focused on the iPhone 15 launch, it's certainly not the only news. The new range, though, has stolen the bulk of headlines, with a suite of new features across the range.

Still, if you're using an older iPhone, there's good news for you too right now. That's because the cost of replacing the battery in your phone via the Apple Battery Servicing program has just decreased.

That means, should you need to have the battery in your handset replaced, you'll pay even less to do so. Prior to the event on Tuesday, the most expensive battery replacement was for the iPhone 14 series. It cost £105 to swap the unit out. Now, uses will pay just £95, saving around 9.5% of the total cost.

Other old handsets have also received a small price decrease. Every series from the iPhone 13 back to the iPhone X will cost just £85 for a replacement, while users of an iPhone 7, an iPhone 8 or an iPhone SE will pay just £65.

That's a great sign from the brand. Batteries are one of the most commonly replaced parts on modern phones, simply due to the wear and tear they endure. Paying less to get that replaced via an official channel is always a win for users, particularly those who want to use their device for longer.

In recent years, a major shift has been undertaken in the technology industry. Brands have become much more aware of their environmental impact, making conscious changes to their way of working for the good of the planet.

Apple have implemented their own Self Service Repair program, for those users who wish to take on the burden of repair themselves. Interestingly, the parts alone for a battery replacement on an iPhone 14 costs £107.05 on the Self Service Repair program, though some of that is refunded when the defunct battery is returned.

Still, it shows how good value the price for an official replacement is. Even with the refund, you'll pay £56.65 for the parts. That's before you've got into the replacement itself, which could feasibly take a few hours if you're unfamiliar. Plus, you're then liable to get it wrong and possibly cause more damage. I know which option I'd go for.

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