iPhone 15 Pro's super-thin bezels shown in CAD renders

The iPhone 15 Pro uses cutting-edge tech to make bezels so thin you can barely see them

iPhone 15 Pro renders
(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

We know that the iPhone 15 Pro is getting the thinnest-ever bezels of any iPhone, but it's hard to visualise what 1.5mm bezels will actually look like on the actual device. So hurrah for 9to5Mac, who have commissioned renders showing just how thin the Pro's bezels will be. 

Helpfully it has also commissioned renders showing the iPhone 15 Pro alongside the iPhone 14 Pro (above) and older iPhones; the difference is particularly striking when you compare the render fo the iPhone 15 Pro to the one of the iPhone 11 Pro, which is considerably more chunky.

While the bezels are smaller it looks like the Dynamic Island is unchanged in size. That's not a concern for me – I really like the Dynamic Island – but it's a divisive design and I'm sure some iPhone fans will be disappointed that it's not any more subtle this time around.

Why thin is in at Apple this year

The thing about bezels is that, to you and I, they don't actually do anything – so if you can make them smaller without ruining the structural strength of your phone, you can either cram more screen into the same size of device or have the same screen size in a marginally smaller device. 

Apple has been reducing the size of the iPhone's bezels for years now, but it hasn't done it quite as dramatically as this: the bezels in the iPhone 15 Pro are some 30% thinner than the ones in the iPhone 14 Pro. 

The technology Apple's using to achieve these super-slim bezels is one you've already seen, and if you have the Apple Watch Series 7 or Apple Watch Series 8 then it's one you wear every day. The process is called low-injection pressure over-moulding, or LIPO for short, and Apple used it in the Apple Watch Series 7's significant redesign. The same technology is reportedly going to make its way into other iPhones and into the iPad range too, although as yet there's no indication of when Apple intends to slim down those devices.

In addition to the slimmer bezels, we're expecting the iPhone 15 Pro Max (but not the iPhone 15 Pro) to get a new periscope zoom lens. Both models are believed to come in titanium frames for extra strength and reduced weight, and they're both moving from Lightning connectors to USB-C. They're set to be the best iPhones yet but may also turn out to be the most expensive too: a significant price hike is expected for both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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