iPhone 14 Pros are selling faster than Apple can make them

The iPhone 14 Plus is a bit of a flop, but the Pro is flying off the shelves

iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island
(Image credit: Apple)

Of all the iPhone 14 range, I think the iPhone 14 Pro is the best buy: it's not as expensive as the iPhone 14 Pro Max but unlike the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus it has the better camera, better display, always-on functionality and the amusing Dynamic Island. I think it's one of the best phones Apple has ever made, albeit one of the most expensive too. 

It looks like lots of other people agree with me. According to Apple, it's really struggling to meet demand for the iPhone 14 Pro. 

The iPhone 14 Pro is a hit, but the Plus doesn't appear to be

As we reported last week, the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t appear to be hitting the right buttons: Apple is cutting production already because it just doesn't seem to be as popular as Apple expected. 

The iPhone 14 Pro has been a very different story. According to Tim Cook, speaking in a conference call to investors, Apple is struggling to meet iPhone 14 Pro demand even though initial supply chain issues have been solved. Sales of the iPhone 14 range are up 10% from last year, from $38.9 billion to $42.6 billion, and account for nearly half of Apple's entire revenues. However, investors note that the jump is lower than in previous years, which is most likely the result of people buying the more expensive, and less widely available, Pro models. 

What does this mean for you? If you're planning on buying an iPhone 14 Pro in the short term, you should probably expect a bit of a wait unless you can get it from a third party or don't mind what colour you get. 

I've just specced a basic iPhone 14 Pro in the very popular Deep Purple colour today (29 October), and the Apple UK site is telling me to expect it between the 22nd and 29th of November. 

Pickup from an Apple Store isn't possible either: I live in Scotland and the phone isn't available in any Scottish or northern English Apple Stores. That means the likelihood of any Black Friday iPhone 14 Pro deals is very slim.

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