iPhone 14 Pro leaker gets called out for 'made up' leak

A new rumored Apple iPhone 14 Pro leak has caused quite a stir

Apple iPhone 13 Pro phones side by side in black, gold, silver and blue
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We're just a few months from Apple revealing the iPhone 14, showing us what the next wave of smartphone computing will be all about.

The iPhone 13 is easily among the best smartphones and the iPhone 14 is rumoured to improve on a few important features, such as introducing an always-on display.

One area that Apple has been excelling at recently has been the internal components, especially its own Apple Silicon chips, such as the M1 series.

A new rumour from @ihacktu on Twitter (via Notebookcheck.net) makes a pretty bold claim: the forthcoming iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will offer 42% better CPU performance and 35% better GPU performance over the outgoing models.

If this rumour is true – and it's a big if – then the iPhone 14 Pro is about to absolute dominate all other smartphones, including flagships coming next year like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

While the S23 Ultra is not likely to be a slouch, Apple's custom chips are designed specifically for iOS 16 and iPhones, meaning that recently they've dramatically out-performed all their rivals.

However, Samsung and other phone company executives can rest a little easier in the knowledge that after these rumored benchmark's hit the internet, other prominent Apple leakers have immediately gone and poured cold water on this rumour.

In fact, Twitter user @LeaksApplePro, who has had some reliable predictions in the past, has actually gone as far as to call the rumour "made up" and said that @ihacktu "doesn't know what he is talking about". Shots well and truly fired.

While a 15% improvement is a lot lower than a 35%-45% improvement, that still represents Apple pulling even further away from the pack when it comes to the iPhone 14's performance. Remember, the iPhone 13's chip was already faster and more efficient than rivals, so this increase would see that lead lengthen even more.

Rumours have been circulating that Apple and its chipmaking partner TSMC have been struggling to refine new processes for faster CPUs, meaning that Apple is sticking with similar technology for the upcoming iPhone 14 chips.

Only time will tell on which Apple leaker is correct, but either way we're super excited for the iPhone 14, and especially the flagship iPhone 14 Pro. Roll on September 2022, which is when the iPhone 14 range is widely expected to be launched.

Can't wait for the iPhone 14 Pro?

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