iOS 17 will add a stack of great new features, but here's 3 you'll have to wait longer for

Not every new iPhone feature will be released at the same time

iOS 17 montage
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When iOS 17 arrives in September, alongside the iPhone 15 family of handsets, it'll bring with is a smorgasbord of new features - some of which we're very excited about.

However, not every new bell and whistle will arrive at the same time. Some of Apple's big new additions will take longer to reach your iPhone.

That's because some of the iOS 17 features that debuted during WWDC in June need a little longer in the oven before being added in future upgrades.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the cool new Journal app is one that might not appear for a bit. Apple's own website states that it'll be "coming later this year". The same is true with some of the new AirDrop functionality, and a collaborative playlist feature for Apple Music.

Journal app for iPhone

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Journal app

The Journal app is an automated diary to help you keep track of memories, music and other events based on your activity with other Apple software and apps. It uses machine learning to suggest personal moments, such as collection of photos, workouts you've finished, that sort of thing. You can then add your own text to build an even stronger Journal entry.

The whole thing is end-to-end encrypted, so only you can access your Journal.

AirDrop in iOS 17

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AirDrop transfers

There are a few enhancements coming to AirDrop, including the ability to swap numbers or share information by simply bringing your supported iPhone devices closer together.

However, coming later will be the ability for transfers to continue over the internet, even when you've taken your iPhone away with you. This means you'll only need to start the process, then you can walk away and it'll complete using Wi-Fi or mobile data, as long as both owners are signed into their respective iCloud accounts.

Collaborative playlist feature in iOS 17

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Collaborative playlist

Finally, there will be the ability to set up collaborative playlists on Apple Music, so that you can invite others to join a playlist and add, reorder and remove songs.

All members of the playlist will be able to use emoji to react to song choices too, while they are playing.

It's a particularly good feature for a party - say - where Apple Music is playing through a connected speaker. Guests can then queue their own song suggestions.

We don't yet know exactly when this trio of app and features will be released – sometime after September, we suspect, considering that's when iOS 17 is most likely to launch.

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