Instagram users just got this great free upgrade

You don't need to reach for your phone to get a great Instagram experience any more

Instagram new web interface
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The web-based version of Instagram has been given a significant upgrade, and it's good news for everyone who wants to stay on top of their socials when they're at their computer. And there are some new features for all users as well as desktop ones.

According to Instagram's Adam Mosseri, the new Schedule Posts feature is coming to everybody in the not-too-distant future. That'll enable you to create posts and decide when to go live, so you can schedule them for the most auspicious times even if you're not going to be near any of your devices. But it's the revised web interface that I think is the biggest deal. Instagram has been very slow to bring the browser-based version up to speed with the app for iPhones and Android phones, but it's finally catching up.

What's new in Instagram on the web?

Instagram in your web browser has been given a major redesign, and it's particularly noticeable on larger displays: I'm looking at it on one of the best 4K monitors and it makes much better use of the available space. 

The redesign moves the icons and menus to a sidebar, and now when you use Explore or Search the results will use as much space as you give them – so if you make your browser bigger you'll see more results. It's much faster and cleaner than before, and overall it's a much nicer place to be. It's also great for iPad users, who don't appear to be getting an iPad app any time soon.

This isn't the only upgrade coming to Instagram – the app will reportedly soon enable users to mint and sell NFTs inside the app – but while it's not as zeitgeisty as selling magic internet monkey pictures it's going to be of direct benefit to many more users. 

Carrie Marshall

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