Inov-8 launches dehydration-beating Race Ultra 0.5 and Race Ultra 5

New thirst-busting innovation makes it easier to stay hydrated on the trails

From Camelbak bladders to bottle belts, carrying water on longer runs has always been a big runners' problem. Inov-8 aims to end those hydration woes for trail runners, walkers and hikers with the introduction of two new products that make staying hydrated on the move simpler.

Lugging water on long runs just got easier with the launch of the new Inov-8 Race Ultra 0.5 and the Inov-8 Race Ultra 5 running accessories.

The Race Ultra 0.5 is an innovative new handstrap that lets you carry water more naturally while the Race Ultra 5 lets you carry kit and fluids without suffering from bouncy backpack syndrome.

Running with loose fists has long been known to improve efficiency and benefit runners over longer distances but carrying a plastic bottle inhibits this. The Race Ultra 0.5 offers up a cunning solution.

Adjustable bungee straps slide over your hand, holding bottles in place and reducing the need for energy wasting grip.

The Ultra 0.5 comes with its own 500ml Hydrapak Softflask but will also work with a standard 500ml water bottle.

Two well placed pockets provide extra storage space for gels, keys, cards and cash. Without the water bottle it weighs in at just 52g.

The Race Ultra 5 is a more conventional running vest and the follow up to Inov-8's original Race Ultra vest. The main difference is that the Ultra 5 has been designed to give you up to five litres of kit storage in addtion to water storage.

It boasts eight pockets, with the larger rear pocket featuring full weather protection. A larger interior zipped pocket can be used to carry an additional water bladder if the two 500ml softflasks don't cover your hydration needs.

It comes in two sizes small-medium and medium-large weighing 250g and 255g respectively.

Kieran Alger
Freelance writer

Kieran is a freelance writer and editor working in the space where health, fitness, sports and technology collide. He covers everything from virtual reality and smart scales to the latest wearable health trackers. Kieran is also a borderline-obsessed runner and is passionate about using the latest technology to hack his health in search of marginal gains.