Incredible SIM only deal delivers HUGE amounts of 5G data for just £16 p/m!

Huge 5G data and unlimited calls and texts – yep, it is a SIM only deal bargain

SIM only deals
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Now is a brilliant time to be picking up a new SIM only deal. The reason for that is because 5G data prices are now crashing as the technology reaches maturity – 5G phones are commonplace and network coverage is expanding out of cities rapidly.

As a result if you shop smart right now there are some superb SIMO packages on the market, such as this banger from that offers buckets of 5G data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts for just £16 per month.

The deal gets even better, too, when you factor in that you can save even more money on that £16 figure by a cashback promotion, which when activated plunges the monthly price point down to just £11.50. Check out the full details below:

Star Deal

Vodafone SIM only | 60GB data | Unlimited mins & txts | £16 per month (£11.50 after cashback) | 12-month plan | Available now at
60GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts for £16 is a good deal, but when you consider that the data is 5G data and that the price can be reduced to £11.50 with a cashback promotion, it becomes a great deal. Vodafone is one of the UKs best networks for 5G coverage as well. A great all-round package that will be perfect for most users.View Deal

If you're more of power user and like the sound of that deal but actually would prefer even more 5G data to burn through each month then also have the following deal on offer, which also benefits from the same cashback promotion. This SIM only deal cranks up the data allowance to 100GB each month, and can be checked out below:

Vodafone SIM only | 100GB data | Unlimited mins & txts | £20 per month (£13 after cashback) | 12-month plan | Available now at
This deal cranks the amount of 5G data you get each month up to 100GB, while still offering the same unlimited calls and texts. It's the same 12-month plan length, too, and by claiming cashback on the deal you cut the price from £20 a month down to only £13. If you stream a lot of UHD movies then this is the plan for you.View Deal

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