I tried the Weber Lumin & it’s the easiest barbecue I’ve ever used

Weber goes electric with its new Lumin Electric Barbecue

Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue
(Image credit: Weber)

Grill and barbecue experts, Weber has just launched its latest products of 2023, and the standout is the Weber Lumin. This year, it looks like many barbecue brands are making the switch to electric, and Weber is no exception with the new Lumin Electric Barbecue.

At T3, we’re big fans of Weber barbecues. Case in point, the charcoal Weber Master Touch Premium E-5775 currently holds the top spot in our best barbecue guide. But the newest addition to the Weber range, the Weber Lumin is sure to excite experienced barbecue-rs and grilling newbies alike.

Starting off with its many features and functions, the Weber Lumin can do an impressive amount of cooking, steaming, boiling, searing and grilling in its compact size. Designed “for those with small spaces but big barbecue ambitions”, the Weber Lumin will fit any outdoor space, including balconies and small patios, and it’s easy to store, thanks to its space-efficient design.

This multifunctional electric barbecue is incredibly versatile, and offers authentic barbecue flavours with its unique smoke infusion system. Many people avoid electric barbecues because they don’t see it as ‘real barbecuing’, as the food isn’t being cooked using charcoal or wood pellets. However, the Weber Lumin’s smoking system infuses food with smoky flavours that you expect from charcoal grills, making your food taste even better.

The Weber Lumin reaches over 315°C which properly sears your food and cooks it in a matter of minutes. As you preheat the Weber Lumin (which only takes 10 minutes), you can use it to thaw frozen foods, and you can keep your meals warm while you entertain your guests.

So, is an electric barbecue as good as a charcoal or gas barbecue? Well, I got to try it out for myself as Weber kindly invited me to their launch event of the Weber Lumin. Despite the rain – which as any Brit knows is perfect UK barbecue weather – the Weber Lumin performed well, proving that it can be used in any conditions.

My first impression of the Weber Lumin was how easy it is to set-up. It was ready to go in minutes and it reached incredibly high temperatures. As someone new to barbecuing, I found it very easy to use and was amazed by the amount of things it could do, from steaming gyozas to perfectly searing steak, shrimp and pork and pineapple skewers.

But, the proof is in the pudding: how did everything taste? The steak and skewers tasted delicious and had a real smoky flavour, due to the Weber Lumin’s smoking system. I was also very impressed with the gyozas as they were perfectly steamed yet still had an undertone of smokiness too.

Overall, I can definitely see the Weber Lumin being a firm favourite for many people, due to its ease of use, authentic barbecue flavours and compact size. New barbecues and experienced grillers can both benefit from using the Weber Lumin and it’s well worth considering if you have a small outdoor space.

The Weber Lumin is available at Weber for £579 for the Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue or £679 for the Weber Lumin with stand.

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
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