I tried DualSense Edge on PS5 – it’s the ultimate pro gamer controller upgrade

Unboxing the new DualSense Edge for PS5 is going to make pro gamers salivate over Sony's top-tier controller

Sony DualSense Edge controller for PS5
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

Feast your eyes on Sony's pro gamer controller, the DualSense Edge, which will be available directly from PlayStation's online store only from 26 January (you can pre-order one right now). I've had a controller delivered ahead of that release date to test out.

For now, however, it's all about the visuals only. Obscure as embargoes are, you'll likely see a bunch of unboxing videos go live right now, but no reviews yet – for that you'll need to wait a few more days for true first impressions, critique and various pros and cons assessment of the PlayStation 5's best controller.

I have an inkling, however, that you'll already know whether you want to buy a DualSense Edge based on its price point (£209.99/$199.99/AUD$339.95), Sony's 'one per household' order restriction at launch, and your needs for such a controller, i.e. whether you're that elite a gamer. So let's take a closer look at what that purchase price will net you... 

DualSense Edge: What's in the box?

As you can see from my step by step gallery above, the DualSense Edge isn't simply a controller in a box. Far from that, it's much better. It comes with its own hardshell carrycase, PlayStation emblem discretely visible on the front, and there's even a Velcro-release opening to the rear so you can charge the controller in its case if you so wish.

But it's inside this box where the real magic lies: in addition to the DualSense Edge you also get an additional four thumbsticks (two high dome, two low dome), a long-length braided USB cable (incuding separate connector housing, if you want to play wired rather than wireless), plus four metal back buttons for the rear programmable slots (two are dome, two levers).

In the gallery below I've shown step-by-steps of each of these additional controller components, from how the DualSense Edge's thumbsticks are individually released (to change out for additional units, not included), to how you can choose your rear optional buttons and easily insert them.

Should I buy a DualSense Edge?

You can deduce for yourself what those additional controls may add to your gaming potential, but what else can the DualSense Edge do and why might you want to buy one?

As Sony says on its official PlayStation site: the buttons are remappable, so you can make custom settings, and the controller your very own: "Fine tune your aim by adjusting stick sensitivity and dead zones, set the travel distance of your triggers for faster inputs, and quickly swap between control profiles so you’re always ready for your next game."

Furthermore there are adaptive triggers, with varying force and tension settings, while the controller's haptic feedback is also user-adjustable through software directly on the PlayStation 5 console. 

All that is very high-end and wonderfully customisable stuff indeed, which is just what pro gamers will be wanting from their PlayStation 5 console. Tempted to pre-order? I'd like to change out my two standard DualSense for a pair of Edge controllers, that's for sure.

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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