I can't wait to try the world's first smart electric scooter

The Unagi Model Eleven looks great, is designed by Yves Behar, and it's genuinely smart…

Unagi Model Eleven
(Image credit: Unagi)

Unagi recently unveiled the "Model Eleven” an innovative e-scooter that has been years in the making and involved a dream team of experts across a multitude of disciplines, including Swiss designer Yves Béhar.

It claims to be the world’s lightest full-suspension scooter and the world’s first “smart” scooter, and I can't wait to try it as it looks like the perfect e-scooter.

Since its launch in 2018, Unagi has been one of the leading electric scooter brands thanks to its "Model One", an ultralight, portable and fast scooter. 

The Model Eleven is the next technological breakthrough for Unagi, a dynamic powerhouse rich in industry-first features that beautifully melds elegance with futuristic functionality. 

It's the design that first grabbed my attention. As I previously mentioned, Unagi partnered with award-winning industrial designer Yves Behar to create a fluid, elegant design. It's free from any visible screws, exposed cables or bolted-on components, the scooter delivers both a seamless ride and form factor. 

Unagi claims every inch was designed with the rider in mind, from balance to thumb controls to perfect carry-ability. 

The use of long carbon fibre allows super strength while keeping the weight low. 

Unagi Model Eleven

(Image credit: Unagi)

The Model Eleven also has a feature's list as long as my arm.

For a start, it features Google Maps turn-by-turn directions. Unagi actually partnered with Google to integrate scooter-specific directions into its mobile app for iOS and Android. The Unagi app then communicates with the handlebars’ high output audio system and display to provide spoken turn-by-turn directions along with directional signals.

The Model Eleven is also the first two-wheeled device in the world with an integrated advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) sensor that detects objects in your periphery and warns of any impending collisions or dangers. 

The Model Eleven knows the difference between a stoplight, stop sign, person, car or inanimate object, and provides both audible warnings with its integrated audio system, as well as visual warnings on the display.

That sounds really smart but also very difficult to pull off – I can't wait to review the Unagi Model Eleven to see if it actually works.

Building on safety, the Model Eleven also features an integrated motion sensor, alarm, GPS tracking and remote kill capability. So, if the motion sensor alarm did not stop a potential thief, take comfort in knowing you can track and kill the scooter from the Unagi app.

Unagi Model Eleven

(Image credit: Unagi)

The new Model Eleven builds on the Model One's reliability, with Unagi bringing the same dual motor design to the new model.

There are a few changes though – the Model Eleven will feature hot-swappable removable batteries so you can ride as long as you like.

The e-scooter runs on hot-swappable puncture-proof large diameter tires. These tires come off like cartridges without the hassle of having to remove the rims.

What I really like about the Unagi Model one is that there's a sense of fun as well. In addition to using the built-in audio system for turn-by-turn directions, crash warnings and theft alarms, it can also be used to play music.

Do you like the sound of this electric scooter as well? You can pre-order the Model Eleven for $2,860 including ADAS, or for $2,440 without ADAS on Indiegogo, and will be available to buy in shops and online after launch.

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