Hyundai shows off autonomous car in stunt video

Daredevils jump out the Genesis to test its self-driving tech

Hyundai recruited the help of a stunt team to show off its new autonomous Genesis saloon that appears to drive safer than most behind the wheel.

If they gave out awards for best way to advertise a car, then Hyundai would likely be taking first place.

To promote the driver assist technologies on the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis, the car maker recruited a stunt team to push its tech to the test.

Six stuntmen got their own Genesis and lined up in a convoy at the Hyundai test track in the Mojave Desert.

Each daredevil was ordered to engage adaptive cruise, lane hold and automatic emergency braking before setting off around the track.

Once in motion, five of the stunt drivers climbed out on to the roof and jumped on to a truck leaving the autonomous vehicles following the lead car with the driver still in.

Driver Joe Hooker then blindfolds himself as the truck then moves in front of the progressing convey and brakes hard – at which point the autonomous vehicles also come to an impressive halt.

The video shows how far autonomous cars have come with a potential future for them on the roads.

Smart cruise control is being tested by other car makers at the moment including Ford and Volvo.

Ready to give your keys to a self-driving car? Check out the video below and then share your thoughts in the comments box.

Nathan George

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