Huawei P50 Pro design confirmed – and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra should worry

The recently leaked Huawei P50 Pro rear camera design has now been confirmed

Huawei P50 Pro Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
(Image credit: Waqar Khan)

The current king of the hyper-premium best phones world is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which as well as delivering awesome flagship-grade performance and advanced features like digital stylus support, also comes with a simply jaw-dropping camera system.

However, Huawei wants to dethrone Samsung with its incoming Huawei P50 Pro flagship, which recently leaked in a series of revealing rendered images. And, you only need to take one look at the phone to see that Huawei looks set to launch it with a radical new camera system design.

The phone shown off in the images (see an example below) sported a rear camera array that showed two large circular lens installations that were noticeably larger than anything we have seen to date on a smartphone.

Huawei P50 Pro Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The rendered Huawei P50 Pro with intriguing rear camera array design.

(Image credit: @OnLeaks x voice)

And, due to their size, doubt was cast on the validity of the design, which had been created based on leaked information. However, we've now got our best proof yet that the Huawei P50 Pro is indeed going to sport this design of rear camera array, as phone leakster-in-chief Ice universe has just posted and image confirming the shape.

Accompanying the image Ice says that:

"This is the lens protection film for Huawei P50 Pro, which confirms the previous rendering"

Check out the post in full below.

While this all but confirms the shape and design of the rear camera array, which is also slated to be used on the standard Huawei P50, what it doesn't confirm is exactly what lenses are going to be used, how many of them there will be, or how big they will be.

And that goes for both the Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50, which will almost certainly have different photo-taking credentials. Recently, for example, a concept video was produced by designer Waqar Khan that showed the potential lens arrangement for the standard Huawei P50, which shows a four lens setup within the dual circle design. Check it out below.

While an earlier design from another concept artist showed a P50 Pro with a massive rear camera lens that took up the entire top circle.

The current word on the smartphone street is that the P50 will use the same design as the P50 Pro, but will instead feature smaller / less lenses within the overall array. While the P50 Pro will apparently feature some of the largest lenses ever seen on the rear of a mobile phone.

And, while we don't know right now how big or powerful those P50 Pro lenses will be, one thing is certain – the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra should worry, as it sure is looking as if Huawei is about to radically shift the smartphone camera bar significantly higher.

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