HTC's Desire 10 Lifestyle is here, but the more desirable 10 Pro isn't coming to the UK

Both are 5-5 inch handsets boasting 24-bit Hi-Res audio

HTC's latest phones are the Desire 10 Lifestyle and Desire 10 Pro - but only the former will make it to the UK.

And that's a shame - presumably to do with not wanting to harm sales of its flagship HTC 10 - as the Pro is by far the more interesting phone.

TheHTC Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro both have a metallic 'gold opntour' design and a 5.5 inch screen in 720p on the Lifestyle and 1080p on the Pro. There's also 24-bit Hi-Res audio and speakers enhanced with HTC's own Boomsound Hi-Fi tech (found on the HTC 10).

The Lifestyle has a 13 megapixel camera while the Pro has a 20 megapixel snapper with fine controls, image stabilisation and Auto HDR.

The Pro's front camera is a whopping 13 megapixels, so you can use the new Selfie Panorama mode - essentially a wide 150-degree front photo.The Pro also has a fast fingerprint sensor on the back so you can unlock yur device or take a selfie.ones.

The HTC Desire 10 Pro gives you more 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage space, while the Lifestyle boasts 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage space. Both can have up to 2TB of expandable memory. They also have3,000mAh and 2,700mAh batteries respectively.

Both are available inStone Black, Polar White, Royal Blue and Valentine Lux. Both handsets will be available at the end of the month.

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