How to Watch the HYROX World Championships 2024

Follow all the action in Nice, France, this weekend – here's how

HYROX Championship in action
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The HYROX World Championships 2024 is set to take place in the picturesque city of Nice, France, between 7-9 June. Known for its blend of rigorous endurance and functional fitness, the event is a must-watch for fitness enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Here’s how to watch the HYROX World Championships this year.

Designed to test endurance, strength, and overall athleticism, HYROX is a global fitness competition combining running and functional workouts. Participants complete eight 1-kilometre runs, each followed by a different functional fitness exercise, such as rowing, sled pushing, and burpee broad jumps.

Originating in Germany, HYROX events attract athletes from diverse fitness backgrounds, including CrossFit, running, and obstacle course racing. The competition is known for its standardisation, allowing athletes worldwide to compete under the same conditions, and culminates in an annual World Championship, where top competitors vie for the title of HYROX World Champion.

2024’s event promises to be a thrilling event showcasing the pinnacle of functional fitness. Whether you’re attending in person or watching from afar, you’ll witness incredible athleticism and competitive spirit.

How to Watch the HYROX World Championships 2024

How to Watch

In Person

For those fortunate enough to be in or travel to Nice, attending the HYROX World Championships in person will be an unforgettable experience.

The vibrant atmosphere, the energy of the crowd, and the thrill of watching elite athletes compete live are unparalleled. Tickets can be purchased through the official HYROX website or at the event venue.

Online Streaming

If you can’t make it to Nice, don’t worry! The HYROX World Championships will be streamed live online, allowing you to watch from the comfort of your home.

The HYROX Elite15 Race starts at 7 pm CET/6 pm UK/11 am EST on Friday 7 June. Here is the live stream of the race:

You’ll also be able to live stream the HYROX Mixed Relay World Championships Invitational on Saturday, 8 June, here. It starts at 7 pm CET/6 pm UK/11 am EST. Here is the live stream of the race: 

Elite Hyrox athletes to watch

The 2024 HYROX World Championships will feature some of the most formidable athletes in the sport. Here are a few elite competitors you won’t want to miss:

  • Hunter McIntyre: Known as “The Sheriff,” Hunter McIntyre is a dominant force in HYROX competitions. With his exceptional endurance and strength, he’s a top contender for the championship.
  • Lauren Weeks: A multi-time HYROX champion, Lauren Weeks combines speed, strength, and strategic brilliance, making her a favourite in the women’s category.
  • Ryan Kent: With a background in obstacle course racing and a strong track record in HYROX events, Ryan Kent is another athlete to watch.
  • Zara Piergianni: Zara has a background in competitive fitness and is known for her exceptional endurance and strength.
  • Dylan Scott: Known for his exceptional endurance and strength and with a background in CrossFit and functional fitness, Dylan has consistently achieved top rankings in major competitions.
  • Meg Jacoby: A prominent HYROX athlete with a strong background in functional fitness, Meg is recognised for her outstanding endurance and competitive spirit.

HYROX World Championships 2024 results

Megan Jacoby (59:59) blew the field away with a dominant performance, and Lauren Weeks (1:03:37) fought back hard from a rare slow sled push and pull to reclaim second, with Vivian Tafuto (1:03:44) notching third.

In a thrilling finish, Alex Roncevic (56.21) edged out Michael Sandbach (56.32), who had entered wall balls in 1st; they went rep for rep in the Thunderdome before ‘Mr Consistent’ claimed his first WC win; James Kelly (56.53) held a strong pace in the second half to place third. Former WC Hunter McIntyre finished a surprising 5th.

Whether watching online or on TV, check the schedule ahead of time. The HYROX World Championships often span multiple days, with various heats and finals. You should also follow HYROX on social media platforms like socials for live updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interaction with fellow fans. Finally, enjoy the competition!

If you're feeling inspired to take on the competition yourself, here are three HYROX workouts you can do at home to build strength and endurance and the first-person account of the first Hyrox championship of T3's very own fitness writer, Bryony.

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