How to download iOS 14 on your iPhone right now

You can upgrade your iPhone 11 to iOS 14 if you want - but if you're not already a developer, it'll cost you $99

iOS 14
(Image credit: Apple)

So you’ve read all about the new features launching in iOS 14 and you’ve decided you want a piece of it. Well, there’s good news and bad news here: the good news is that there’s very little stopping you. The bad news is that one of said stopping things is that it ain’t free.

Before you get angry about Apple going the freemium route with its iOS updates, you should know that there’s a perfectly good reason for this. iOS 14 is currently only available as a developer preview, meaning that regular Joes just shouldn’t be downloading it anyway, unless they really like moaning about buggy software.

In any case, iOS 14 being a developer preview means that you need a developer account, and owning said account involves paying Apple $99 per year to pay for the software and member support.

While you could sign up to this just to try iOS 14 early, we really wouldn’t recommend it. Apple will release iOS 14 to everyone when it’s good and ready to do so, and you’ll definitely appreciate the additional stability it’ll offer, once developers have ironed out the kinks.

Still, if you absolutely must have it today, here’s how to download iOS 14 right now. Back up your phone first, for obvious reasons.

 How to download iOS 14 

  1.  Head over to on your iPhone and sign in 
  2.  Scroll down to the iOS 15 beta and tap “Install Profile” 
  3.  Unlike regular updates, this won’t get installed automatically. So head to your iPhone’s settings, then General, then Profile and select “Profile Downloaded” 
  4.  Once installed, go back to the main Settings page and head to General and then Software Update. You should now have the option to download the iOS 14 beta, but given it weighs in at a hefty 5GB, you may want to make sure you’re plugged in for the journey. 
  5.  Once done, restart your phone and you’ll now be enjoying iOS 14. Welcome to the future.