Honor to launch a new foldable contender next month

Honor Magic V2 to be revealed soon

Honor Magic VS folding phone
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Watch out Samsung, Honor is coming for your title as king of the foldables. While the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5's leaks have started to arrive, it's far from the only foldable coming to the market. In fact, Honor will be treating the world to a first look at the Honor Magic V2 next month.  

At MWC Shanghai CEO of Honor George Zhao, announced that the successor to the Honor Magic Vs, which only hit UK shores in February, will be announced on July 12th. Called the Honor Magic V2, it looks set to build on a phone that offered an alternative to the best foldable phones

Details are scarce at the moment but Honor fans outside of China shouldn't get too carried away just yet. If the phone does launch on July 12th, it will almost certainly be China only for a limited time. The Magic Vs launched in November 2022, but took until February to reach outside China and didn't land in the UK until May. 

The Honor Magic V

(Image credit: Honor)

When it did make its way West, the Honor Magic Vs had an impressive spec sheet, however hopefully this newest model will come with a Snapdragon 8 gen 2 processor, offering improved performance and increased efficiency when it comes to battery life. The Magic Vs featured an impressive camera for a foldable, with a 54MP main shooter, but hopefully, that could get even better, particularly with Honor promising a 200MP camera on its upcoming Honor 90 handset.

George Zhao's announcement came at an MWC panel titled "What’s Next for Smartphones?" where Zhao spoke about introducing AI-powered features into phones, so perhaps we can expect something similar in the Magic V2 and future Honor devices. For now, let's just keep our fingers crossed for a global release sooner rather than later. Foldables are still a reasonably nascent technology, so expect a high pricetag but the more companies manufacturing them, the lower the price will fall.

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