Honor Magic4 might be THE Android phone to watch at MWC

Could it be Magic that says take that to every other Android? Honor's greatest day is less than a fortnight away

Honor Magic 4 promo image
(Image credit: Honor)

It's nearly time for MWC 2022, and that means the best Android phone candidates are coming thick and fast. One of the most intriguing is the Magic4, the brand new premium flagship from Honor, which will launch on February 28. It doesn't fold like the recently announced Magic V, which is currently only available in China, but it promises to be "full of features that will unleash the Power of Magic". 

Spoiler: it isn't really magic. But it could still be something special.

Will the Magic4 rule the world?

We won't get the official Magic4 specs until the end of the month, but there are plenty of leaks already – and the promo image, which shows a giant camera model, makes it pretty clear that the camera is going to be the star here.

According to GizmoChina we're looking at a 50MP wide and a 50MP ultrawide camera with macro functionality. The standard model will also have a 16MP telephoto, with Pro versions getting a 50MP telephoto with 100x digital zoom, a 50MP mono camera and a depth of field sensor too. That should mean some really impressive snaps, especially in portrait mode. Rumours also predict a 6.55-inch screen for the standard Magic4, a 6.67-inch one on the Pro and an even bigger 6.78 inches in the Pro Plus. Resolutions are reportedly 2400, x 1080, 2772 x 1344 and 3200 x 1440 respectively, with touch sampling rates of 300Hz on the standard model and 360Hz on the Pros.

Teasers have suggested the Magic4 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the same processor you'll find in the non-Exynos versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range, and the current top-of-the-line chip for Android.

We were very impressed by the Honor Magic3, which was  competitively priced and delivered a very impressive spec, so we're hoping that the Magic4 will be priced to sell: as it's no longer owned by Huawei it isn't affected by the bar on Google apps, so you can get the same Google Play apps as you would with any other Android. That means the Magic3 is shaping up to be a very impressive Android flagship. 

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