Hogwarts Legacy gameplay leak leaves PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers thrilled

The next-gen Harry Potter video game experience we've all been waiting for is coming

PS5 Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy is a title that gamers around the world have been looking forward to with bated breath.

Confirmed to be launching on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles, Hogwarts Legacy lets gamers jump into the world of Harry Potter and experience life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1800s.

Needless to say, the idea of playing the role of a Hogwarts student in a immersive open-world RPG game has got a lot of gamers excited. But now, thanks to a brand new leak, that excitement has mounted a Nimbus 3000 and flown off into the stratosphere.

That's because a leaker with a track record of accurately breaking future game release dates, events and info has stated that a Hogwarts Legacy reveal is going to take place as early as this month.

Writing on Twitter, video game data analyst Millie A responded to a question about Hogwarts Legacy asking when it will be next shown off by stating, "This month or December's Game Awards".

That means that PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers could be getting a brand new Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer within a matter of weeks. And that has led to a lot of gamers on Reddit to get crazy excited.

Writing in the comments to this reveal, user J--NEZ commented that:

"The concept of this game sounds so dope. Create your own wizard/witch and join a Hogwarts house. And level up your character and learn new spells and potions,etc. Hopefully, it turns out well. Been waiting for something like this for a long time."

While user SuccinctSavage stated that:

"I'm really excited to hear this news, and I hope the good and evil storylines are different enough to make it fun to play through both sides."

And user WanderWut agreed, too, noting that:

"Seriously, the potential behind the concept is huge if done well. Since this is a dedicated next-gen game my hopes are pretty high for this game, I really hope this game is done well, I’ve been wanting a game done in this universe for so long lol."

Here at T3 we think that this latter point is really why PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers should get most excited, as this is a game that is being created to launch on the next-gen consoles. The power and performance that both Sony and Microsoft's systems have on tap is awesome, and the world/scope of Hogwarts Legacy should really benefit from that.

The idea of being able to explore the entirety of Hogwarts and its wider grounds while living out a life as student and, no doubt, getting swept up in an epic new Wizarding World plot is shut-up-and-take-our-money good.

As to the validity of the leaked info, we think it sounds entirely plausible here at T3 as the Hogwarts Legacy release date has been confirmed as 2022. A brand new trailer reveal at the end of 2021 therefore seems accurate, building hype for the title during the winter holiday game release period.

T3 gaming expert Matthew Forde, speaking on Hogwarts Legacy and this latest development, stated that:

"Hogwarts Legacy is a game many of us were immediately excited for. A triple-A Harry Potter game where you become a wizard and explore the magical world. That's the dream right there.

"For all of this, I do have concerns regarding the involvement of J.K. Rowling, and while it was confirmed by Warner Bros. that the writer is 'not directly involved' it's clear she will benefit from royalties one way or another. This makes the whole situation complicated, as I very much believe you should vote with your wallet.

"From a commercial side, if Avalanche Software makes a competent game, I'd expect the game to sell in droves regardless. That itself will be interesting as the studio was acquired by WB in 2017 and has never made a game of this scale before – most notably working on the Disney Infinity series. It's undoubtedly one of the biggest games of next year and seeing how it all turns out will be a rollercoaster all on its own."

Here's hoping, then, that we get a brand new Hogwarts Legacy trailer soon. Missed the debut trailer for the game? Watch it directly below in 4K resolution to get the hype.

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