Hiplok's anti-angle grinder bike lock is finally available to buy

The graphene-reinforced locks are perfect for keeping your bicycles and motorbikes secure

Hiplok 1000 Series lock being angle grinded
(Image credit: Hiplok)

Cyclists and motorcyclists can now equip their rides with the ultimate security solution as Hiplok announces the global availability of its highly anticipated anti-angle grinder 1000 Series. Following a successful pre-order phase, the products are now ready for purchase on the Hiplok website and at select retailers worldwide.

The 1000 Series includes the AX1000, DX1000, D1000, and A1000, all engineered with graphene composite material technology to combat the increasing threat of bike theft. This material provides unmatched resistance to all forms of attack, ensuring that riders can have peace of mind.

The AX1000 is the flagship product, featuring a pivoting, rotating arm designed to be the ultimate anchor for securing motorcycles and larger-framed bikes. The DX1000 and D1000 are robust D locks, with the DX1000 being the larger variant, providing formidable resistance to angle grinder attacks. The A1000 is a compact, rotating anchor, perfect for securing bikes in tight spaces.

Each product in the 1000 Series has been independently tested and awarded the Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star ratings, confirming their effectiveness against theft attempts. Hiplok's commitment to quality is further demonstrated through their lifetime guarantee on these products.

Francesca Smith, Hiplok’s Commercial Director, shared, “Demand during the pre-order phase and positive feedback from our early customers and reviewers confirm the effectiveness of the products. Our retailers and distributors are now stocked, so riders can access the very best protection wherever they are.”

To find out more and secure your ride, visit Hiplok or any of the authorised retailers.

Matt Kollat
Section Editor | Active

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