You can pre-order Hiplok's anti-angle grinder bike lock for 30% off for a limited time only

New graphene-reinforced Series 1000 D-lock aims to cut back on motorbike, e-bike and bicycle theft

Hiplok 1000 Series bike lock being cut by an angle grinder
(Image credit: Hiplok)

The best electric bikes have seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. Simultaneously, bike theft has also been on the rise, which is a sad consequence of more bikes being out and about, chained to bike racks. Thanks to Hiplok's new 1000 Series D-locks, you might not ever have to worry about your bike being stolen ever again. And you can pre-order it now for 30% off, for a limited time only!

Hiplok's upcoming line-up of anti-angle grinder security products includes the world's first anti-angle grinder anchors and a D lock engineered with motorcycles and larger framed bikes in mind. To ensure durability, Hiplok uses a graphene-enhanced composite at the lock's core.

The new locks have been externally certified and carry the Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star ratings. Furthermore, Hiplok's best bicycle locks are backed by the company's lifetime guarantee.

Hiplok's 1000 Series includes three new products. 

The AX1000 is the ultimate anchor system with a revolutionary pivoting arm for securing motorcycles and larger framed bikes. Paired with the Hiplok DX1000, it creates a "complete anti-angle grinder security solution that eliminates the need for a chain" when securing bikes at home. AX1000 is designed to be floor or wall-mounted, inside or outside, and will be sold for a recommended retail price of £350 / €400 / $450.

The DX1000, the big brother of the award-winning Hiplok D1000, has been developed with motorcycles and larger framed bikes and offers formidable resistance to angle grinder attacks compared to standard D locks. Its robust construction includes graphene composite material technology and a square-profile premium hardened steel core shielded by a durable rubberised outer surface. Suggested retail price is £300 / €350 / $350.

The A1000 is a compact anti-angle grinder anchor featuring a rotating base for effortless locking access. This versatile anchor provides a fixing point to secure bikes and motorcycles indoors or outdoors. The recommended retail price of the anchor will be £200 / €225 / $250.

The Hiplok 1000 Series launched on Kickstarter on 8 November 2023 with an introductory discount of up to 30% off for the first backers. Expected delivery for pre-orders is Spring 2024. To find out more, visit Hiplok today.

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