Here's how to use Walmart+ to save money on gas today

Sign up for the Walmart+ free trial and save up to 10¢ per gallon

Walmart Plus
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For drivers looking to save money on gas, here's a neat little trick you can use to get fuel discounts starting today.

Walmart+ features membership discounts that can save you up to 10¢ off per gallon on gas at Exxon, Mobile, Walmart, and Murphy gas stations. While that may not sound like much on paper, the savings add up quickly if you're filling up regularly.

To start saving money on gas today, sign up for a free 30 day trial of Walmart+ to start taking advantage of the discount immediately. It does require a credit card up front, but Walmart will not charge you until after the free trial is over.

What you choose to do with the subscription prior to that is entirely up to you. You can cancel the service at any time, but to be honest the program offers tons of Amazon Prime Day-like savings and discounts that may be worth the fees to you.

Offers like member exclusive deals, early access to sales and savings events like the upcoming Walmart Memorial Day sale, free shipping on all orders, free delivery from your local Walmart store, and discounts on prescription drugs just to name a few.

I've covered other discounts that the retailer's premium subscription service offers, including offering six months of Spotify Premium free, but while getting Spotify Premium free is a great deal the fuel discounts are a better perk – especially if you fill up often.

If you fill your tank up every week, you can essentially get a free gallon of gas each month. The more you drive the more you'll save, and those savings will add up quickly.

While the 30 day trial is a great way to start saving money on gas today, if you choose to stick with Walmart+ be sure to go with the annual membership fee to save the most in the long run.

Walmart+ will cost you around $8 a month if you go this route, while the monthly membership goes for $13 a month. That's about a $60 savings on the annual membership versus the monthly subscription fee.

Every little bit counts when it comes to saving money on gas, and with the Walmart+ free trial I have been able to save quite a bit on gas during these trying times. Hopefully this little trick can help you save money on gas, too.

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