Pixel Watch hack allows you to instantly get the latest software update

If the December update hasn’t arrived for you just yet, follow these steps

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Google recently rolled out a software update for Wear OS devices, including its very own Pixel Watch. However, and as is often the case with these types of updates, the new software wasn't immediately available for everyone at once.

Google, and other software companies, tend to roll these updates out gradually, sometimes by region or device, or seemingly at random. This can mean a frustrating wait for those who want the latest software on their smartwatch.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. As discovered by 9to5Google, and tested on several smartwatches, all you have to do is head into the settings app and repeatedly tap a watch icon until the update process begins.

More specifically, Pixel Watch users are asked to open the Settings app on their watch, scroll down to the System section at the bottom, then tap ‘System updates. The next screen will show the message “Your watch is up to date” and the software version number. If you don’t think this is correct, and a newer version should be installed, simply tap the watch icon with the tick on its display.

You can tap slowly or quickly, but repeatedly doing so eventually refreshes the screen and begins the download and installation process of the December Wear OS update. It’s a trick that was first discovered back on Wear OS2 and Wear OS3, and it seems Google is still allowing it to work, but without offering a more official way of forcing an update.

Once you’ve forced the update to begin, it’s worth turning Bluetooth off. That way, your Pixel Watch will be forced to use its Wi-Fi connection, which will result in a faster download. Also make sure the watch’s battery is above 50 percent, and remember that Google suggests the download and installation will take approximately 10 percent of the battery’s charge.

Alistair Charlton

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