Here is your best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro

Unannounced smartwatches have leaked yet again, ahead of 10 August reveal

Galaxy Watch
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Samsung is having a tough time keeping the lid on its upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro smartwatches, with yet another leak showing the wearables in every colour option.

The latest images show off five variants of the new watches, which are expected to be formally announced at Samsung's next Unpacked product launch event, which takes place on 10 August.

But at this point there isn’t much for Samsung to say that we don’t already know. The latest leak, which comes from the ever-accurate Evan Blass and is published at 91mobiles, shows three versions of Watch 5 and two of the larger Watch 5 Pro.

The former is shown in black, rose gold and pale purple, while the Watch 5 Pro appears in black and grey, all with matching silicon straps.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 leak

(Image credit: 91mobiles)

Although no fresh technical information is shared with this leak, the watches are shown in high-resolution and from every angle. We can see their straps, as well as the buttons on the side of their metal case, and the heart rate sensor on their rear.

What’s particularly interesting is how much larger the Watch 5 Pro appears to be compared to the regular Watch 5, with a case that is thicker and has a larger diameter bezel.We can also see how the Pro has a strap with a clasp mechanism, as opposed to the traditional buckle of the regular Watch 5.

Lastly, the images show a few different digital watch faces. One simply shows the time using an analogue dial, while another shows digital time with a heart rate reading next to it. Lastly, the Watch 5 Pro has a face with the time, plus current weather, date, a compass, battery level, and a cycling icon. We’re keen to find out what new features the watches will have, and in particular how the Watch 5 Pro will be different to the regular model.

Thankfully, with Samsung’s Unpacked event taking place next week, we haven’t got much longer to wait.

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