Heart-stopping Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra video shows the phone of our dreams

Under-display camera ✔️ 200MP rear camera sensor ✔️ 8K video at 60fps ✔️ The ultimate phone ✔️

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra absolutely blew T3 away on review earlier this year, with us concluding that the phone "is impossible not to recommend" as it "delivers across the board". From internal hardware to camera system and onto advanced features, the S21 Ultra is the best hyper-flagship phone on the market today.

The S21 Ultra, though, has just got put firmly in the shade by this heart-stopping Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept video, which provides our best look yet at what successor to this year's S-series flagship could look like. And, simply put, there is a lot to get excited about. Check out the S22 Ultra video below to get a piece of the action.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra here boasts a cutting-edge under-display selfie camera, meaning that there is no notch or pinhole at all on the front of the phone. This means the phone here sports a complete edge-to-edge full-screen display that isn't uninterrupted at all.

We've known for a while now that multiple smartphone makers are currently working on under-display camera technology, and from what we know now, the S22 series seems to be lining up to introduce the tech on Samsung phones. Finally, after years of phones being compromised by notches (thanks Apple!) and holes in their screens, users will get the optimal screen experience.

Other things to note about this Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design is that it features Samsung's upcoming 200MP camera sensor. Again, we've known this tech is incoming since January this year, with the information leading us to conclude that "the first Samsung phone to make use of the 200mp sensor to come from the Samsung Galaxy S22 range". As such, the 200MP sensor's use here makes perfect sense, and an upgrade in video shooting capability from 8K at 24fps to 8K at 60fps seems reachable, too.

Other things of note about this S22 Ultra is that it appears slightly thinner than the S21 Ultra and seems to have a transparent rather than matte black camera array plate. The phone here also shows support for Samsung's S-Pen digital stylus, although in a new colorway, which is something that was introduced in this year's flagship.

What this video doesn't show is how the phone is specced out internally. However, judging from every recent S-series Galaxy phone launch, we think it safe to say the S22 Ultra will be powered by the successor to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip. RAM is likely to be either 12GB or 16GB, while storage will likely be either 256GB or 512GB depending on variant.

Here at T3 we're massive fans of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in general, with even the standard S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus really impressing. That's why they are currently locked securely in our prestigious best phones and best Android phones buying guides.

As such, a really strong showing from next year's S22 range, and notably from the S22 Ultra, would really confirm Samsung's dominance at the top table of smartphone makers worldwide. Here's hoping the under-display tech shown off in this concept video, which is the brainchild of talented future tech designer Technizo Concept, can become a reality.

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