HDR video is now on YouTube, here’s what you can watch

High Dynamic Range and 4K videos are filling YouTube fast

YouTube announced that it would offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on videos way back in January and has now rolled out the service.

YouTube now supports 4K and HDR videos that have been shot in the format, meaning a higher resolution than Full HD and a greater range of contrast and colours.

HDR will work via YouTube but will require an HDR compatible television in order to take advantage of the content. This should mean support of one billion colours rather than the usual 16 million that normal content tops out at. That should mean more realistic skin tones as well as images that pop with far more vibrancy. It will also mean a greater contrast between light and dark for clearer and more lifelike video.

As of 7 November YouTube began rolling out the content, complete with an HDR playlist section. Initially this is filled with user generated videos that were shot on HDR capable cameras. That means that anyone can now upload HDR videos directly to YouTube. Of course there are plenty of professionally made HDR shows and movies which, rights permitting, may appear on YouTube soon. Although we'd expect this is reserved for those paying to watch these premium videos.

Google's latest Chromecast Ultra, the new Sony PS4 Pro and a host of televisions now support HDR playback. Until now content has been limited to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Ultra HD Blu-rays - to name the main suppliers.

Here's hoping this is just the start of the HDR content explosion.

via YouTube blog

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