Groove is Windows 10's music service; Xbox Music is no more

Will be on Android and iOS as well in due course

Xbox Music is dead, long live Microsoft Groove. Groove isWindows 10's new music service, designed to haveeasy-to-use menus and navigation controls.

As well as the built-in Windows 10 music app, there will be apps for Xbox, Windows Phone, Mac and iOS and Android in due course.

A limited version of Groove will be free to use, but there will be a subscription service called Groove Music Pass enabling other features such as offline play and unlimited on-demand streaming plus ad-free radio for £9.99 a month (USD $9.99).

There is also built-in OneDrive integration so - as with Google Play Music - you can upload all your MP3's to OneDrive (including songs purchased from iTunes), and access them all for free with the Groove apps.

Xbox Video has also changed name in the latest pre-release version of Windows 10. It is now called, simply Movies & TV and will also now support the often downloaded .mkv file format.