GoPro drones will go on sale in early 2016

The action cam maker sets its sights on the skies

Extreme sports junkies and serial selfie takers, there's going to be a new way to record your antics. Action camera brand GoPro is venturing into the drone business, with plans to release its own quadcopter early next year.

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GoProCEO Nick Woodman announced at the Code Conference this week that the company is currently working on a drone, and plans to release it within the first half of 2016.

"Quadcopters have a special place for us at GoPro because I was a huge radio-controlled plane enthusiast as a kid and I could never really get anyone involved in it with me because it was either too geeky or it took a lot of time to learn how to fly these things - you'd crash them all the time,” he said.

"So, I was really surprised to see how quickly the general consumer was adopting quadcopters.

GoPro would rival drone companies like DJI and 3D Robotics, which build quadcopters that feature built-in mounts for action cameras. The bird's-eye view allows people to capture unique footage from otherwise impossible angles; so it's only natural that GoPro releases its own.

"Quads plus GoPro has been one of the most democratising combinations in terms of enabling people to capture professional quality content and see themselves in their environment in a way that they'd never seen before. It looks like you're in your own movie."

With a focus on extreme sports, it will be interesting to see what GoPro brings to the table. It's possible that its drone will be able to follow someone autonomously, tech which has already been displayed in other drones like the Hexo+.

Woodman even mentioned thatGoProis a "consumer-focused company," suggesting that its upcoming drone should have a reasonable price tag.

Needless to say, we're intrigued, are you? Let us know in the comments.