Google Pixel Watch users just got a great free software upgrade

It brings one of the most useful Google Pixel 7 features to your wrist

Google Pixel Watch review
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The Google Pixel Watch 2 is expected to launch later this year. That will mark the second generation of Google's wearable technology offering, and looks set to be a decent upgrade. Rumours suggest it will gain the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chip, which should provide significantly more battery life and efficiency.

That doesn't mean the new model gets all the fun, though. Owners of the original Google Pixel Watch have just gained a really useful new feature.

At a Glance won't be new to those who are already entrenched in the Pixel ecosystem. The Google Pixel 7 handsets already have the feature, which showcases useful information like the weather, or the next event in your calendar.

Now, users can place the widget on their Pixel Watch, too. It can only go in the fourth slot, which has enough real estate to house the rectangular complication. It should also be available on third-party faces. Once set up – you'll need to allow permission for certain apps to get it working – the complication will roll through useful information.

As reported by 9to5Google, the current iteration is slightly more limited than the phone widget. It doesn't currently offer the countdown to your next scheduled event, though this should hopefully be added soon.

The feature wasn't a part of the last feature update for Pixel Watch. Instead, this appears to have rolled out via a server-side update from Google. It's worth checking your device to see if the functionality has landed, though don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away.

It's a brilliant upgrade for Pixel Watch users. The At a Glance widget is so simple, but it adds a brilliant layer of functionality to the device. It really does do what it says on the tin – offers information which is easy to digest at a glance.

I hope that the Watch version keeps getting upgraded to bring in more of the phone features. Arguably, the feature makes more sense on a smartwatch anyway. Those devices are more likely to be used to get quick access to information, with the phone used for going into more depth. 

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