Google Maps on Android Auto is misbehaving once again

A familiar Google Maps problem reappears...

Android Auto
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Android Auto is experiencing more Google Maps problems across the in-car navigation setup. Fans of the app, which is used on lots of phones and across some of the best Android Auto head units, aren't the best of pleased as you might imagine, especially considering it had seemed that most of the Google Maps problems had been fixed. 

But things are never straightforward in Android Auto land, which means 2022 starts with more reports of bugs and glitches affecting the navigation app on the platform. Yikes.

First spotted by the good folks over at Auto Evolution), various users have reported that "voice navigation on the mobile device is lost when the Bluetooth connection is established." Some of the best Android phones appear to be inadvertently disrupting voice navigation when a Bluetooth connection is made.

Once again, the issue seems to stem from the Android 12 update – one that has been causing a surge in complaints on the  Google Support forums, with it playing havoc with how the app operates. Last year, this led voice commands to stop working, amongst several other issues

Awaiting a fix 

If you're one of the many users experiencing the same issue with Bluetooth, then Google hasn't provided a workaround just yet. From past experience, the company replies first to users on the forums, especially if enough people flag the issue to the Android Auto support team.

Google is characteristically schtum on these bugs, but a fix will likely be issued in due time. Let's hope Google can get this sorted sooner rather than later as Google Maps bugs are particularly frustrating when they impact the use of your vehicle.

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