Google confirms it's looking to fix two big Android Auto problems

But doesn't commit to a timeline

Android Auto
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The folks over at Android Auto have announced that Google is finally set to investigate a spate of recent problems encountered by users of the in-car technology.

Though Google’s Android Auto technology makes it simple to control media and display directions from your phone on your car’s screen, it’s not without flaws. Following a wave of Android Auto updates, two serious problems seem to have emerged amongst users, bringing connectivity problems and a whole bunch of other glitches with them.

Auto Evolution reports that an Android Auto team member has confirmed that the glitches are being looked into. Updates are supposed to improve things, but Android Auto users seem to have fallen foul to an irritating score of connectivity problems following August's updates. Some have reported that the app simply won’t connect to their phone via USB, often noting that it doesn't for a period of time and then mysteriously connects. This problem has been reported on devices like the fairly new Google Pixel 4a 5G.

The second issue frustrating Android Auto users is its peculiar behavior when hooked up to a Samsung device. Several people have reported that it tries to access the Secure Folder on the Samsung device, causing users to receive tons of password requests. This password spam shows up on the phone and makes it more or less impossible to use Android Auto between the neverending password prompts being delivered to the device.

Google investigates

Normally, we might write these problems off as, say, a dodgy cable, or some other OS idiosyncrasy, and move on. However, the increasing number of stories that report a similar mode of error suggests something has gone wrong at a deeper level – and one that Google is now, thankfully, looking into. 

With that said, it still doesn't guarantee a fix, less one that arrives in a timely manner. For now, we'd suggest putting Android Auto to one side, whilst Google gets its act together. And what better way to do that than by taking a look at our picks of the Best dash cam and Best sat nav devices to add some much-needed pep to your vehicle.

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