Google Glass "Sex with Glass" app announced

Controversial app promises to offer users "sex at every angle"

Sex with Glass, a salacious new Google Glass app, promises to “make sex more awesome”. How does it plan on doing this? Founder of the project, Sherif Maktabi, believes it's through shared live streaming...

According to the Sex with Glass homepage, you can: “See what your partner can see.. Just say 'OK glass, it's time' and Glass will stream what you see to each other. And if you feel like stopping everything, just ask: 'OK glass, pull out'.”

The app will work through live streaming, ephemeral video recording and voice controls connected to the user's home. An iPhone app is also in the works, and is due to be launched in February.

Maktabi, a product design student at London's Central Saint Martins art college, had one day with the smart glasses at a hackathon held last November, but the app has been in development since.

As well as being able to share viewpoints, Sex with Glass allows you to watch a video of your lovemaking. The app will put the footage together at the end of the night and show you a video of your performance. Although, this is automatically deleted five hours after recording.

If wired up to the user's home, the app can also control the lights and music, as well as show a virtual Kama Sutra for anyone running out of ideas.

The reactions to the app have been mixed. “Some people find what we do repulsive," Maktabi says. "But a lot of other people – and I am basing this from the emails we are getting online – really desire to try this.”

Is this the look of love or sleeping with the enemy? Maktabi believes it's 'personal' preference. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

By Jack Dutton

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