Going to Glastonbury Festival? You'll want this game-changing accessory

Vodafone is offering pre-order battery packs which you can replace daily at Glasto 23 to always remain connected

Glastonbury Festival 2023
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Heading to Glastonbury Festival 2023? You know the deal: expect sun, rain, mud, fun and glum. It's a mix of emotions – especially if your phone battery dies and you can't contact your mates on the Pilton festival site. 

Fortunately for you, Vodafone – the festival's new Official Connectivity Partner for 2023 – has a savvy solution: rentable rechargeable battery packs which you can pre-order in advance of attending and pick up on-site. 

Better still, these rentals aren't a one-use-and-you're-out deal: Vodafone will permit you to exchange daily for a new fully-charged pack, so you can use your best phone to your heart's content, snap away lots of great pictures, and stay in contact with all your friends both on- and off-site.

Vodafone battery pack for Glastonbury Festival 2023

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And unlike if you forget to pack your Wellies, you needn't worry about packing the battery pack: Vodafone's on-site pick-up location saves you the weight and the hassle. It's a savvy hire service that I think festival-goers are going to love for the £20 cover price (there's a £5 refundable deposit on top of that, plus a non-refundable £1.20 processing fee per pack).

There's greater good from this venture, too, with Vodafone pledging to donate a pre-loaded SIM to a local Somerset charity for the first 75,000 battery packs hired, so you'll be giving back to the local community in the process. 

Glastonbury Festival takes place commencing the summer solstice, from Wednesday 21st June through to Sunday 25th June. The festival sells 200,000 tickets – which sold out in just over an hour, with the re-sale tickets being snapped up in just six minutes – and will be a bustling and, thanks to Vodafone, well-connected festival this year. 

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