Glastonbury just got better thanks to Spotify

The companion app is better than ever

Glastonbury 2024 App
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Quick Summary

Glastonbury's official app now lets you sign into Spotify for recommendations.

It will tell you who you should check out at this year's festival, and more. 

Glastonbury and Spotify have teamed to add a welcome new feature to the British festival's companion app this year. 

The app, which is made in partnership with Vodafone and available for all the best phones, will now let users link their Spotify accounts, letting them get a personalised set of recommendations for who they might want to check out at the festival based on their listening history. 

That means you might save some time scouring the listings and trying to work out who you might have missed, if you're lucky enough to have a ticket. 

The app will give you a top 10 list of artists from the line-up, but it will also be able to find additional acts using the Discover More option. This will queue up some new songs and artists that you might like at the festival. 

Aside from these recommendations, the integration means it's easier to hop straight over to Spotify and start listening if you happen upon an artist in the schedule that you think you might want to check out. 

It's a welcome step forward, and a salient reminder of the bad old days of festival apps, which a decade ago would often basically just be a hosted PDF of the schedule with little more to add.

Marc Hazan, VP of global marketing and partnerships at Spotify, expanded on the partnership fulsomely, saying, "We want to forge deeper connections between artists and fans, and what better way to do that than by teaming up with the world’s greatest music festival.

"The integration with Vodafone’s official Glastonbury app combines Spotify’s hugely popular personalisation and discovery tools so that users can really elevate their Glastonbury experience to a new level."

This isn't the only evidence of Spotify preparing for Glastonbury, either – it also has a new hub page for the festival. This is a great place to go to get up to speed with any of the big headliners, but also to discover the artists that some of them have picked out as being worth more attention than they're getting. 

Glastonbury runs from 26-30 June this year, so you've got a few weeks to brush up on any discographies you don't know too well.

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