Give your clothes the gentle touch for incredible washing performance

Cleaner. Quieter. More efficient. Why you’re going to love Hotpoint’s GentlePower Technology

Hotpoint GentlePower H8 W946WB
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

We’re big fans of technology that makes life easier – so we’re delighted to discover the amazing new GentlePower technology from Hotpoint. It delivers exceptional cleaning performance incredibly quietly and efficiently, using less water and less energy to clean and care for your clothes. It also removes allergens and destroys bacteria so your clothes aren’t just visibly clean but hygienically clean. 

Gently does it

Hotpoint’s GentlePower Technology does things differently. It carefully sprays water onto your laundry like a waterfall, penetrating deep into the fabrics while using up to 65% less water and 59% energy than other washing machines. And its AutoDose technology uses clever sensors to optimise your detergent and fabric softener too, analysing the load and dispensing the perfect amount for that specific wash. Its fill-and-forget intelligent dosing system can go for up to 26 washes before needing a top-up, and it can reduce your detergent use by up to 30%.

Your GentlePower Technology washing machine isn’t just more efficient. It’s more responsible too. More than 87% of the components in Hotpoint’s GentlePower range can be recycled, so after many years of faithful service you’ll still be helping to reduce waste.

Hotpoint GentlePower H8W946WB

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

The sound of silence

If you’ve ever struggled to hear yourself think over the noise of your washing machine you’re going to love the Hotpoint GentlePower H8 W946WB UK. Its Direct Drive silent motor minimises vibrations, ensuring maximum silence even during high washing and spinning programmes. Its superb cleaning performance has an incredibly quiet soundtrack, and like the rest of the GentlePower range it’s rated A for its low noise levels.

Eliminate allergens and say goodbye to stains

The H8 W946WB UK has some other brilliant tricks up its sleeve. If you have sensitive skin or hay fever hits you hard you’ll love its Anti Allergy Cycle, which is specifically designed to remove irritants and allergens such as pollen, dust mites and cat or dog hair. And you can say goodbye to stubborn stains thanks to its Anti Stain cycle, which makes it easy to remove the stains other washing machines struggle with. It can handle more than 100 different kinds of stains with no need to pre-treat, and it’s effective even at low temperatures. It automatically sets the right temperature and water level to remove stains and save you time and energy.

It’s brilliantly designed too. That large door makes it easy to load and unload, and with a whopping 9kg capacity it’s ideal for medium-sized households and active lifestyles. 

Hotpoint GentlePower H8 W946WB

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Discover the power of Steam 3.0

We’re already big fans of Hotpoint’s steam technology, which delivers extraordinary cleaning power and gets rid of wrinkles. Steam 3.0, which is available across the GentlePower range, is the best version yet. Steam Hygiene removes 99.9% of bacteria, while Steam Refresh can freshen up clothes and make them ready to wear in just 20 minutes without washing. And if you have a busy lifestyle we think you’ll love Steam Finish, which keeps your laundry fresh inside the washing machine for up to six hours so you can unload it when you’re ready.

GentlePower looks as good as your clothes do

Looks aren’t everything, we know, but Hotpoint’s GentlePower range has been designed with a gorgeous contemporary look that’ll blend into any home. But it never puts style over substance: with its large, clear display and intuitive controls your GentlePower washing machine couldn’t be easier to use.

The perfect partner for your GentlePower washing machine

When you buy your Hotpoint GentlePower H8 W946WB UK from AO, you’re not just getting a brilliant washing machine with cutting-edge cleaning technology. You’re also getting spectacular customer service and a brilliant deal too. AO’s price match promise checks and matches prices every day to make sure that your GentlePower washing machine is gentle on your wallet or purse too. And as an AO customer you also get superb customer service including 24/7 home shopping, seven-day delivery and delivery slots to suit you, so there’s no need to spend an entire day waiting for the courier to arrive and no risk of missing a delivery if you needed to nip out for a moment. There’s also a free 100 day returns policy that takes the risk out of ordering.

It’s no wonder that AO has over 245,000 five-star reviews from delighted customers on TrustPilot.

Click here to find out how Hotpoint GentlePower will make your clothes cleaner and your life easier.

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