Swann makes your home safe with simple, affordable security products

Build your defences with Swann’s wireless smart security range

Swann Xtreem
(Image credit: Swann)

Home security needn’t be expensive, complicated or hard to scale up. Swann has a great range of smart security products that can all talk to each other, and keep you informed and safe, offering 24/7 peace of mind. From security cameras to video doorbells and flood detecting sensors, there’s a Swann product for every need, allowing you to build your defences as your needs change.

All Swann products can be installed by you as DIY projects, and they all come together to affordably build a scalable home security system, controlled via a single app for iOS and Android. 

Start your home security journey today with the Swann Security app, and one or more of the following great Swann products. You can also shop a fine selection of Swann Security offers.

Swann Xtreem Security Camera

Swann Xtreem

Easy to install and app-controlled

(Image credit: Swann)

This easy to install camera boasts extremely long battery life. The 13,200mAh lithium battery is good for up to 6 months of use, and can then be recharged to go again. 

With no permanent wiring to deal with, placement and installation of the Xtreem is made so much simpler, but if you don’t want to fret about recharging, you’ll be glad to know that it’s also solar-panel compatible. And no, don’t worry: that doesn’t mean that you need to move to a sunnier country – modern panels are extremely efficient. Speaking of weather, the IP56 weatherproof rating of the Xtreem Camera means it can withstand rain, snow, and heat all year round.

The camera boasts a wide, 110º view, so you need fewer of them to provide full coverage around your home. Infrared Night Vision lets you see in the dark for up to 8 metres.

Swann Xtreem also features True Detect heat and motion sensing. That means you get more reliable alerts and fewer false alarms caused by blowing leaves or swaying trees. Two-Way Talk lets you greet guests, talk to pets and advise unwanted guests to get on their bike.

SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

It's a doorbell… but also a home security camera

(Image credit: Swann)

Swann has also put all its security camera know-how into this neat little video doorbell. 

Again, this 1080p full HD camera is 100% wireless with long battery life, and features night vision and a full 110° wide viewing angle, as well as a wide vertical view so can see packages on the ground and the faces of visitors. Just like the Xtreem it’s heat and motion-sensing too, so you get fewer false alarms.

The SwannBuddy Video Doorbell can be entirely operated via your iOS or Android phone, with two-way talk for easy communication, but a chime unit with a choice of 6 chimes is also included, so it can work like a more traditional doorbell.

Video storage is stored both locally and in the cloud and video feeds can be integrated into your wider Swann security ecosystem, along with your Xtreem cameras, for instance.

Swann Wi-Fi Alert Sensors and Siren

Swann security sensors

Swann's sensors are battery-powered and easy to install

(Image credit: Swann)

Complete your home security set-up with a wide range of sensors, sirens and accessories. With everything from flood detection to motion sensors and sensors to detect open doors and windows, Swann’s smart system has you fully covered. You have the option of buying these products individually or as an all-encompassing bundle.

Swann’s sensors are all fully wireless. They connect via Wi-Fi so they can send alerts to your phone, and run on standard AA or AAA batteries that give long battery life and are quick and easy to replace. They’re easy to install, too – they even come with strong adhesive strips so they can be installed without drilling, which is particularly great for anyone who rents.

The full Swann Sensor and Siren range

Indoor Siren 

This siren is LOUD and also features light-up visual alerts for a full sensory assault. Triggered by Swann’s Wi-Fi Alert Sensors, the Siren can also serve as an additional speaker for the SwannBuddy Video Doorbell.

• Buy for £49.99 

Window/Door Alert Sensor 

Lets you know if any door or window is opened, alerting you to intruders –or to the fact that you forgot to shut the window, again.

• Buy for £29.99 or a 2-pack for £57.99 

Motion Alert Sensor: 

The passive infrared sensors in this compact unit monitor heat and movement to reliably detect even the stealthiest intruder. It also monitors the room temperature, as a useful bonus. The durable casing with an IP66 weatherproof rating means it’s suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. 

• Buy for £29.99 

Leak Alert Sensor

This slimline Water Detection Sensor can be mounted around pipes and in hard to reach places such as closets and cupboards. An extra-long cable then attaches it to the main unit. Any water leak is detected immediately, with push notifications to your phone alerting you.

• Buy for £29.99 


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