These Rangemaster new 60cm cookers are perfect for smaller kitchens

If you’ve always dreamed of a Rangemaster, you’re going to love these

Rangemaster oven cooker
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Range cookers are brilliant, but if like us you’ve always dreamed of having one you might have encountered the same problem as us: they’re too big for your kitchen. A typical range cooker is 90, 100 or 110cm wide, but most kitchen designs only leave 60cm of space. So we’re absolutely delighted to discover that you can now get Rangemaster cookers that’ll actually fit the space you have. These insta-ready appliances cook as good as they look.

The perfect fit for your current kitchen

Rangemaster’s cookers manage to cram a lot of cooking power into their 60cm frame. You can choose between all-gas, ceramic, induction and dual fuel models for the best combination of flexibility, cleanability and energy efficiency, and with both Classic and Professional versions you can choose from classic retro style – including Rangemaster’s signature arched baker’s window – or something more modern. With a choice of cool cream or polished black the Classic collection fits particularly well with shaker-style kitchens, while the Professional collection’s square oven window, rectangular chrome handles and stainless steel or black finishes have been designed to match the clean lines of more contemporary designs.

Rangemaster oven cooker

(Image credit: Rangemaster)

Cook low and slow or turn up the heat for stunning sears

Don’t let the Classic’s timeless looks fool you: just like the Professional it’s packed with clever features to make your means better and your life easier, like the improved white, programmable LED timer on the Dual Fuel, Ceramic and Induction models. Your 60cm Rangemaster comes lined with easy clean enamel and catalytic self-cleaning liners, and on models with gas burners there’s a griddle for effortless grilling so you can make perfectly seared steaks or veg every time. 

Both the upper and lower ovens have a slow cook setting so you can cook low and slow for incredibly tender results, you also get an integrated grill as well as multiple cooking options including fan assist and defrost modes.

Rangemaster oven cooker

(Image credit: Rangemaster)

More space in less space

Despite the relatively small exterior of the 60cm cookers, Rangemaster gives you a huge amount of cooking space: the top oven has a cooking capacity of 39 litres, which is perfect for those after school bakes, while the lower oven has a whopping 69 litres that makes cooking big family roast dinners a breeze; the lower oven in the all-gas models has 71 litres. Both ovens are A-rated for energy efficiency (A+ for the lower oven of all-gas models) and heat up quickly so you spend less time looking and more time cooking. 

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