Nip ice buildup in the bud with Samsung’s range of Total No Frost fridge freezers

Scrap your ice-scraper and say goodbye to tedious defrosting, with Samsung’s line of fridge freezers available at

A kitchen featuring the Samsung RS8000 RS68A8820SL American Fridge Freezer.
(Image credit: Samsung)

Defrosting your fridge freezer is a massive hassle. Whether you’re channelling the melt-water, chipping away at stubborn ice like an Antarctic explorer or desperately trying to prevent your bread from thawing, it’s a one-way journey to a soggy kitchen and a tension headache. Fortunately, you can sidestep the whole debacle, thanks to Samsung’s range of Total No Frost fridge freezers.

Using their cutting edge Total No Frost technology, Samsung’s range of fridge freezers stop ice crystals from ever forming in the first place. Not only will you no longer need to stage an archaeological dig to free your sausages from the arctic tundra in your fridge freezer but you can also spend the time you’ve saved on defrosting enjoying a picnic in the sun instead. So make sure you check out the full Samsung Total No Frost range now.

But that’s far from the only feature we love about Samsung fridge freezers. Here are just a handful of the super cool features the range offers…

Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus feature in action.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Twin Cooling Plus

Tired of your brie getting gooey while your salad turns to frost-bitten mush? Well worry no longer: Samsung’s RS8000 models include the Twin Cooling Plus feature, which deploys two discrete air flows, each with precise temperature controls, allowing food to stay fresh up to twice as long*. And the best part? It keeps food odours separate, preventing food funk from contaminating your favourite flavours. *Compared to the RSA1UHMG1/XEF.

The thermostat in a Samsung fridge freezer.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Digital Inverter Compressor

We’d all like cooler food without it warming the planet – or sending our bills skyrocketing. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor helps its fridges do just that by adjusting power and running speed according to how much cooling is needed. This means that the fridge freezer remains at a perfect temperature, stays quiet and, most importantly, doesn’t cost the earth to run.

There are a whole bunch of other great reasons to pick up one of Samsung’s fridge freezers through It offers the UK’s largest range of appliances, providing over 100,000 electricals. On top of that, it also has over 240,000 5-star Trust Pilot reviews, while free 100-day returns take the risk out of ordering. Finally, AO offers next-day delivery with your choice of four-hour time slots, seven days a week (availability, charges and geographical exclusions apply).

  • Find out more about the full range of Samsung Total No Frost fridge freezers and buy from £399 from

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