Give your windows a smart upgrade with Luxaflex Sonnette Shades

Find out why Sonnette Shades with PowerView Automation are the most innovative blinds you can get for your smart home.

Bedroom with Luxaflex blinds
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Tired of looking at those tatty old curtains or dusty Venetian blinds? If you feel that your windows could use a smart new look with the emphasis on the smart, you really need to check out Sonnette Shades from Luxaflex – luxurious blinds that work with PowerView technology so that you can automate them to suit your lifestyle.

Sonnette Shades are designed to combine the simplicity of a roller blind with the insulating properties of a honeycomb blind, delivering just the amount of opacity you require from a window covering while helping make your home more energy-efficient. Made from two layers of luxurious, softly contoured fabric, Sonnette Shades are available in a semi-opaque version that softly diffuses light, making it ideal for living rooms and conservatories, and a room darkening version that's perfect for the bedroom if you don't want the light to disturb you on those sunny summer mornings.

Thanks to a proprietary cellular design, Sonnette Shades can help insulate your home in winter and cool it down in summer; they also provide great UV protection and sound absorption. They're available in a huge range of colours, from understated neutrals through to vibrant hues, so that you're certain to find the right shade to coordinate with your existing décor.

Automated control with PowerView

Control your blinds with the PowerView app

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What you're really going to love about Sonnette Shades, however, is the option to set them up so that you never need to worry about opening and closing them. Luxaflex's PowerView was the first automated system for controlling your blinds, and it offers an easy-to-use and powerful solution for taking full control of your blinds so that they'll fit with your way of life.

With the PowerView App on your smartphone or tablet it's simple to create a schedule for all your blinds so that they'll automatically adjust throughout the day; you can arrange for your bedroom blinds to come up just as you're waking up in the morning, or for the blinds in your living room to come down in the late afternoon so as to avoid the glare of the setting sun, and for all scenarios in-between. You can also use the PowerView App to control your blinds directly, from anywhere in the world; alternatively, you can use the Luxaflex Pebble Remote or a simple wall switch.

Luxaflex Pebble Remote

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PowerView is compatible with leading smart home systems including Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant, so if you're already wired for home automation then your Sonnette Shades should slot straight into your existing system and enable you to control your blinds with voice commands; find everything you need to know about PowerView compatibility here.

However, if you prefer to keep things simple there's an alternative to fully automated blinds in the form of Luxaflex SoftTouch Motorised Control; all you need to with this is just gently pull down or push up on your blinds' wand, and they'll rise or fall accordingly.

See them for yourself

Amazing selection of designs available

(Image credit: Luxaflex)

There are Luxaflex showrooms up and down the country where you can experience Sonnette Shades and PowerView for yourself. Find your nearest Luxaflex showroom and arrange a one-to-one consultation with an expert blinds specialist who can help you find the perfect blinds for you, and you'll soon be on your way to giving your windows the 21st century upgrade they've been waiting for.

You can find out everything you need to know about Sonnette Shades and PowerView Automation online. But you don't want to rush into buying new blinds based solely on what you've seen on a website; to properly understand what makes Luxaflex blinds so unique you really need to see them for yourself. That's why Luxaflex sells its prestige blinds exclusively through a network of independent retailers nationwide, who can give you the best advice and walk you through the entire process of finding and installing the right blinds for your home.

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