The best selling gaming chair at Amazon is now £99 for Black Friday

Get £40 off one of the most popular gaming chairs in this brilliant Black Friday deal

GTPlayer gaming chair Amazon Black Friday
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In our best gaming chairs guide we said that the GTPlayer Gaming Chair was "a fantastic choice" if you wanted the best gaming chair under £200. And now it's in the best Black Friday deals with a whopping £40 off, so you can get it for less than £100. That's a truly brilliant price for a really great gaming chair.

What's great about this offer is that there isn't just one colour on offer: there are whopping discounts on all the colours – so many of them that we couldn't fit them all in our photo. Personally I like the white one best: it's got a kind of Swedish design vibe to it and looks rather refined.

Here are the full details of the offer.

GTPlayer Gaming Chair with Cushion and reclining back support: was £199.99, now £99.99 at Amazon

GTPlayer Gaming Chair with Cushion and reclining back support: was £199.99, now £99.99 at Amazon
We though this chair was a brilliant buy at £199.99, and it's an even better Black Friday buy with prices as low as £99.99. The discounts vary from model to model but they're all big.
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The GTPlayer Gaming Chair is built tough and features an adjustable incline from 90 to 150 degrees, memory foam in the seat, removable headrest and lumbar cushions and a recommended maximum weight of 150kg, which is more than many rival chairs. As we said in our review, "it'll keep you comfortable and supported when it matters".

If you don't already have a gaming chair you'll notice a huge difference in comfort compared to your average office chair, and you should notice a huge difference after longer game sessions too: a comfortable, well-adjusted and supportive chair like this can help prevent aches and pains from even the longest battle.

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